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Tuesday, 15 May 2012 23:39

As many of our long standing customers know, we have actively been seeking a product that has the wrinkle reducing effects of Erase 3 Minute Instant Facelift Serum but is long lasting. We were not interested in just putting any product out there we wanted something that was of the highest quality and showed tangible results.
Well, after nearly two years of searching and testing we have found what we have been looking for and it's now available to you.
Regenerate Multi-Peptide Rejuvenation Creme is a moisturiser that works to re-hydrate your skin while you sleep. Use it for 28 days and you will notice your wrinkles reduce markedly and it is long term. Regenerate Multi-Peptide Rejuvenation Creme adds the innovative properties of Multi Peptide Serum (an increasingly common ingredient in quality anti-wrinkle creams) with the intense moisturizing benefits of Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, pure Squalane and Hyaluronic Acid. The tested formula has shown a reduction of wrinkles by up to 50% within 28 days.

  • Reduces wrinkle depth and volume
  • Softens signs of aging
  • Smooths skin texture

regenDirections: Apply to clean skin morning and evening.
You may like to look at the ingredient list below and compare it to other products in the market place. You wont find anything quite like it. Even better give it a try and watch what happens in 28 days.




Jojoba oil Jojoba is a botanical extract of the seed of the jojoba tree (Simmondsia chinenis). Of all of the compounds in nature; jojoba oil is the most similar to human skin oil (sebum).

Benefits of jojoba oil * Provides all day moisturisation jojoba oil doesnt evaporate as water based moisturisers do. * It is theorized, but not yet proven, that because jojoba oil is so similar to human skin oil, it can "trick" the skin into thinking it has produced enough oil and thus balance oil production. Jojoba oil is practically odourless, penetrates the skin readily for maximum moisture absorption, and is suitable for all skin types. Jojoba oil adopts many of the properties of human sebum when used on the skin or hair. Sebum is a fatty substance released by the sebaceous glands, found in most areas of the body except the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. This sebum waterproofs the skin, keeps it from getting dry and cracked. Most common bacteria and skin fungi cant survive in an environment where they are exposed to jojoba oil. Jojoba oil kills the ever lurking staphylococcus (infects wounds and food) in just over an hour of being in its vicinity. Dermatological tests on jojoba oil reveal that it quickly restores elasticity to the skin and increases its suppleness by 45% when used, with this effect still noticeable eight hours after application. Topical application of jojoba oil morning and night to skin will noticeably improve skin condition in the long term. If used regularly on the skin, jojoba oil reduces superficial facial lines by up to 30%. Jojoba oil also acts as an anti-inflammatory on the skin due to it containing myristic acid, so jojoba oil is a good choice for sufferers of psoriasis, eczema, dandruff and other itching, irritating skin conditions where the skin becomes inflamed. Jojoba does not aggravate conditions like acne.

Apricot Kernel oil Apricot kernel oil is extracted from the heart of the Apricot (Prunus armeniaca) and is often used as a carrier oil. Carrier oils are used as a base for aromatherapy mixtures, or are mixed with other oils to help them spread. Because apricot kernel oil is readily absorbed into the skin without leaving an oily residue behind, it is an excellent choice of carrier oil for all skin types. The ready absorption also makes it a good choice of skin care oil for people with dry skin and is very gentle on sensitive skin. For skin nutrition, apricot kernel oil contains the essential fatty acids oleic and linoleic acid. It is also high in vitamins A and E. All of these substances can help to sooth irritated skin while also moisturising. Regular applications of apricot kernel oil or products containing it can keep skin smooth and flexible. Apricot kernel oil is easily absorbed and the best part is that it doesn't lend any kind of oily feel to the skin.

Squalane Squalane occurs naturally in the human sebum which keeps skin supple and lubricated. The level of squalane in the sebum is highest during youth and starts to deplete rapidly around the mid-twenties. This has made it a very popular and much sought-after ingredient for skin care. Some have gone far enough to tout it as a miracle in a bottle. Squalane can be absorbed by the skin quite easily. It is a natural emollient and extends suppleness to the skin without making it feel greasy or unpleasant. Squalane has been extensively studied by scientists for its health properties long before it was introduced for beauty care. According to a 1982 study by the Expert Panel of The American College of Toxicology, "The cosmetologist has found in Squalene a natural emollient. It imparts to the skin, a suppleness without an unpleasant greasy feel...". When applied to washed or sun exposed skin and hair, squalane helps to restore the lost oils.

Hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a substance that attaches to collagen and elastin to form cartilage. HA not only helps keep the cartilage that cushions joints strong and flexible, but also helps increase supplies of joint-lubricating synovial fluid. Hyaluronic acid is present in every tissue of the body, and it performs many important functions. It helps deliver nutrients to and carry toxins from cells that do not have a blood supply, such as those found in cartilage. Without adequate amounts of HA, the joints will become brittle and deteriorate. Not only does it keep joints lubricated, but hyaluronic acid also encourages water retention in other bodily tissues. It is found in large concentrations in the extracellular matrix (ECM), which is the fluid-filled space between cells. HA locks moisture into the ECM, keeping collagen and elastin moist and promoting a youthful appearance. Hyaluronic acid is gaining popularity in the cosmetic and medical industries. Cosmetic products containing hyaluronic acid claim to hydrate the skin, allowing it to appear smoother and more radiant. Clinical studies have shown that it also helps wounds heal more quickly, and can reduce the appearance of both old and new scars. Injectable hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Restylane, are being used to lessen the appearance of lines, sagging and depressions in the skin caused by acne scars or injury. HA eventually breaks down and is absorbed in the body, so both cosmetic and medical applications are not permanent. In most cases, the hyaluronic acid augmentation usually lasts between 6-9 months. Repeat treatments will be necessary.

Lots of Peptides! : Acetyl Hexapeptide This molecule, also called Argireline, was developed by a private laboratory in Spain, in collaboration with a university research facility, and with partial funding by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology. It is a non-toxic, non-irritant compound that modulates the excessive stimulation of the facial muscles, relaxing facial tension and it also reduces the depth of already formed wrinkles. Although the mode of action is quite different (no paralysis involved!), this remotely resembles the effect of Botox, which reduces facial tension and movement by paralysing facial muscles.

Pentepeptide 7 Pentapeptides were discovered by accident through wound healing research supported by the National Institutes of Health in the US. The result was a clinically proven ingredient that stimulates collagen and elastin formation to diminish wrinkles and help produce younger-looking skin. Collagen supports the skin and results in smooth skin. However, it is lost as we age and sunlight and other environmental factors can also destroy it. Experts believe that Pentapeptides work by sending signals to the skin that the collagen is lost. This stimulates the skin to produce more collagen. The production of collagen can help in younger looking skin. Pentapeptides when applied topically can help in decreasing wrinkles. They are increasingly used in anti-wrinkle creams and are considered as an anti-aging breakthrough.

Study by Proctor and Gamble: Proctor and Gamble conducted a study to determine the effects of Pentapeptides on wrinkle reduction. 93 women were analysed for this study. They were split into two groups; one group used a standard moisturiser product and the other used pentapeptide-containing product . These products were used for a period of 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, it was found that women using pentapeptide containing product had significant decrease in wrinkles. Image analysis also showed decreased fine lines and wrinkles.

Tripeptide Tripeptide has become an increasingly important ingredient in recent years and proving to be the ingredient of choice for anti-aging products, a fact that is highlighted by some of the most recent launches in the US. As well as contributing to skin condition, tripeptides specifically target skin cell renewal through the regeneration of collagen. As it is a technically advanced ingredient it is consequently fairly expensive and invariably ends up being formulated in products that are aimed at the premium end of the market.

Acetyl Glutamyl Heptapeptide -1 A peptide shown to relax muscles and therefore smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Palmitoyl Oligopeptide The main function of palmitoyl oligopeptide is the restructuring of cutaneous, or skin, tissues. Research has shown that palmitoyl oligopeptide can increase collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and glucosaminoglycan production. When the synthesis of these proteins is stimulated, the effects are smoother, wrinkle-free rejuvenated-looking skin.

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide 7 Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 (Pal-GQPR) was also formerly known and marketed as palmitoyl tetrapeptide-3. Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 consists of a short chain of four amino acids connected to palmitic acid. Palmitic acid is a fatty acid added to improve the peptide's oil solubility and thus skin penetration. Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 is believed to work by reducing the production of interleukin-6 (IL-6) by the key skin cells, keratinocytes and fibroblasts. IL-6 is a molecule that promotes inflammation, which, in turn, leads to faster degradation of the skin matrix and thus contributes to the development of wrinkles and loss of skin firmness and elasticity. By reducing the levels of IL-6 and possibly other inflammation mediators, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 is thought to slow down the degradation of the skin matrix and may also stimulate its replenishment

Laureth-7 A surfactant and emulsifier C13-14 Isoparafin An emollient, and thickening agent. Phenoxyethanol Preservative Ethylhexylglcerin Preservative